How to Build Texas-Sized Trust in God

“Five years ago, I found myself on my knees in adoration, my hands at the base of the monstrance, pleading with God: ‘Lord what do you want from me? Why did this happen? Is this really what you want?’ I had found myself as a single mother caring for my four-year-old son alone, with no career path, and didn’t know where to turn or what to do.”

I think we can all relate to Kimberly’s plea for help. As young professionals, how many times have we struggled to understand what God was demanding of us, either in our professional or personal lives?

Kimberly Speirs, Executive Director of the John Paul II Life Center, gave a beautiful testimony of what it means to build a “Texas-sized” trust in God and seek His will and direction amid the joys and sorrows in life.

Building Trust

“My life had been like Little House on the Prairie – it seemed perfect – and then it quickly turned into Days of Our Lives, and everything fell apart!” After her husband’s betrayal, Kimberly found herself in a very difficult position. With layoffs happening at work, and trying to now care for her son alone, Kimberly quit her job and moved to Texas with her son Michael. The future was uncertain, and there were no prospects ahead. Here are the lessons she has learned, and how we can use her experience to build trust in God to tackle our own challenges:

  • Give everything to our Lord. “I’ve learned to REALLY put all of my trust in God.” When the road ahead looks bleak, go to Him in adoration: offer Him all of your struggles and ask for his guidance. Take comfort, because you are never alone with our Lord.
  • Start to see problems as opportunities. As Kimberly can attest, life doesn’t always turn out like you plan. The life of a Christian was never meant to be easy! Whatever the circumstance, take time to reflect on how you can use this time to grow in virtue and faith, and to be a model of Christ to those around you. God will give you strength to persevere in the moments of life that are most trialling.
  • Treat struggles as gifts from God. Kimberly’s spiritual advisor and friend Fr. Eamon Kelley from the Pontifical Institute of Notre Dame in Jerusalem, advised her to look at the pain she was facing as a gift from God. It was like a tiny sliver of the Cross that God had given her, and she could unite her pain with Christ and His Passion and Death.  By uniting her struggles with our Lord, she was able to understand just a small, small piece of the injury we cause our Lord with our sins. Like the Cross, this pain was something that God would make beautiful.
  • God has a plan. Not unlike what many of us have faced throughout our early careers, the random jobs that Kim had under her belt didn’t seem to fit. She didn’t have a clear career trajectory when she was in desperate need to rebuild her life. However, it turns out that “God had a career path for me after all!” Kim considers herself fortunate to see the fruits of all of her experiences, both good and bad, that God has transformed into something beautiful.
Kimberly with her son Michael

Kimberly’s move to Austin led her to a job opportunity at the John Paul II Life Center. She feels fortunate to take a special role in assisting mothers and children through crisis pregnancies and with the Pro-Life movement. Her own background with her adopted son, as well as her years of struggling with infertility, has helped her to resonate with and serve others in a very intimate and meaningful way that gives her great peace and joy.

Life throws an ample amount of hurdles at each one of us; Kimberly’s example shows us that these challenges are the means by which we can sanctify our work and grow in our Faith. By constantly discerning and being open to God’s Will, we will find the joy that exists in every moment and strive to become the best version of ourselves: who God intended us to be.


On May 12th, YCP Austin welcomed Kimberly Speirs for our Executive Speaker Series. Kimberly is the Executive Director of the John Paul II Life Center. In her presentation, she shared her beautiful testimony to placing trust in God’s plan for your life as a way to Work in Witness for Christ.

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